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Unknown Facts About Davido’s Three Babymamas Revealed (With Pictures)

Chapter 2. Mandy and the second Davido child


As it turns out, one baby mama is not enough for Davido. While he was on business in the United States, he met Amanda, or Mandy. Little is known about this woman or their romance in general. We know that Mandy is 24, she is a student at Georgia State University and she lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Everything else is a mystery.

The first news about her appeared in March of 2017, when she blew up the Nigerian Internet with the pictures of her pregnant belly. The same month, Davido admitted that Mandy was indeed carrying his child in his interview with Beat FM.

In May, the couple held a baby shower for their future child. A few days later, precisely on May 9th, 2017, Mandy gave birth to Hailey Veronica Adeleke. This time, Davido was happy to admit his fatherhood, and he was even present during the birth.

Mandy and Hailey

There has been little drama between Davido and Amanda. The two seem to get along much better than Davido and Sophie, but the singer does not plan to settle down with Mandy. Which might be why she reacted so explosively to Davido’s Ghanaian fling.

When news surfaced about Davido having fun in Ghana, Amanda took to Snapchat to call out Davido and his ‘prostitutes’. As the word was plural, it is no wonder that miss Sophia Momodu thought that the post was about her as well. She, too, wrote some unflattering things in her Snapchat story, but the fight did not seem to go much further.

At the time, Davido was on tour in America. However, neither he, nor Amanda have any photos together. Who knows, maybe he is too busy, or maybe all the love is gone.

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