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15 Ways You Can Identify A ‘Fuckboy’

Relationship expert Joro Olumofin just published an article titled ‘how to spot a Fuckboy’ which highlights the characteristics of a FB, How to identify them etc.
Who is a Fuckboy? : A FB is any guy who comes into a ladys life with the sole purpose of taking & taking & taking from her without giving her anything meaningful or noble in return. He takes her time, years of her life, he uses her body as a playground & tool, he stands in the way of real men while prophesying fake love and selling ladies false dreams and hope. A Fuckboy is the older brother to Yoruba Demons.
Characteristics of a Fuckboy: 1)A FB uses the promise of marriage as a tool to bait ladies into sleeping with him
2)A FB has 1 or 2 engagements rings 💍 in the picture Gallery or possession to deceive 100’s of ladies the ring is for them
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