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Meghan Markle’s Half SIster Calls Her Out Again For Not Taking Care Of Their Dad

Meghan Markle’s half-sister has launched another scathing attack on the royal bride-to-be – suggesting that her humanitarian work is “exploitative”.

In an astonishing interview, Samantha Markle said the Suits actress’ aid work “feels just like a photo opportunity”.

And the 53-year-old again blasted her estranged relative for not making the welfare of their poverty-stricken dad, Thomas Markle, “a priority”.

Meghan – due to marry Prince Harry in May -has travelled across the world to carry out outreach work including trips to Rwanda to support a clean water campaign and to India to demand better education for girls.

But speaking to A Current Affair, an Australian current affairs programme, Samantha said she was unsure about the motive of some celebrity figures who visit destitute places “wearing impeccable clothing”.

She said: “I’ve seen in my lifetime a lot of situations wherein celebrities visit a place that is poverty stricken and they’re wearing impeccable clothing, they themselves are wealthy, and it really feels like just a photo opportunity.

“So that is a little exploitative in my mind.”

The writer, also known by the surname Grant, has also told Prince Harry’s fiancee to “step up to the plate” and help their bankrupt father rebuild his life.

Samantha even suggested the future royal’s engagement dress was an extravagance which proved she could support the retired lighting director, who lives a reclusive life in Mexico.

She told interviewer Lauren Golman: “I don’t think he feels like she owes him, but that is how I see it. If you can afford $75,000 (£53,500) for a dress, you can afford $75,000 to help your dad. That’s how I feel, that’s who I am.

“Honestly what she could spend in a weekend would greatly help dad. so that should be a priority. I think you need to step up to the plate and make sure he is well taken care of.”

Thomas, who is expected to walk Meghan down the aisle when she marries Harry at Windsor Castle, is said to have just a few hundred dollars to his name.

Samantha, one of two children Thomas had before he met Meghan’s mother Doria, said the future Royal “owes” her father for helping her launch her successful acting career.

Last month, in an interview with TV show The Wright Stuff, Samantha again accused her half sibling of not helping Thomas out financially.

Kensington Palace did not wish to comment on the interview.



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